Dana, the island of Digagouda, is back to vaccination services thanks to the R4S Project.

Cut off from vaccination services for over two years, the locality of Digagouda, in the Dana health area, has resumed vaccination activities thanks to the intervention of the RAISE for Sahel project.

Situated 21 km from the nearest health centre, Digagouda is populated mainly by migrants from neighbouring Chad. Its inhabitants live mainly from fishing, farming, and cross-border trade. As a result, they are constantly on the move.

The RAISE team’s visit came when the community had not received any vaccination services for at least 20 months. This is because the island is inaccessible. In addition to the distance separating the island from the nearest health centre, the population experiences rising sea levels, making it impossible to move towards the health centre, especially during the rainy season. Health providers also shy away from this community due to the fear of attacks from hippos, snakes, and crocodiles in the area.

Added to this, an ongoing inter-community conflict between the populations of Dana and Digagouda has made work more complex for vaccinators: “We had to explain who we are, expressed our neutrality in the ongoing conflict to gain the trust of the leaders who then advocated for us to vaccinate their children. “explained one vaccinator. Thanks to this RAISE for Sahel vaccination team, 20 ZDC were vaccinated in Digagouda this faithful day. While the parents appreciated the initiative of bringing the life-saving vaccine to their doorsteps, they pleaded for drinkable water and food for their children when the teams visited.

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