The BADEP joins hands with the R4S team to bring transformative health changes to the inhabitants of Bakassi.

On December 6, 2023, the RAISE 4 Sahel project meeting room hosted a hybrid meeting between the RAISE project management team and the Bakassi Peninsula Development Programme (BADEP). The aim was to assess possible areas of convergence for open collaboration between the two organizations.

The RAISE 4 Sahel Project Manager- Dr. Eugène Foyeth, presented the CBC Health Services organization in general and the RAISE project and its activities, in particular, to enable the BADEP team to understand better why collaboration between the two structures will be of capital importance for the well-being of the population of Bakassi.

For his part, the Director of BADEP, Dr Lawrence Forwong, presented the activities and objectives of BADEP, which are to ensure the intentional development and repopulation of the Bakassi peninsular. He noted that “we are succeeding in Bakassi by using advanced strategies as Bakassi is a dangerous zone.” given that the separatist Fighters operate along the stretches leading to the area. The presence of pirates on the high seas has made the place unsafe for healthcare providers and its inhabitants. Dr Forwong promised to do everything necessary to facilitate accessibility into the peninsular as he saw this as an opportunity to enhance the development of the community. They also announced they would make their boats available to the RAISE team to facilitate travels from one creek to another within the Bakassi peninsula.

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