We use the Gender Equality and Social Inclusion intertwined concepts to improve access to vaccination services for all, including the excluded in the ZIP communities. Our GESI strategies promote inclusive strategies and focus on increasing the power of the excluded, women and the vulnerable. The GESI approach helps to eliminate existing barriers and increase access, enabling decision-making and participation of marginalised populations in their communities’ vaccination activities. Gender, ethnicity, social class, disability, marital status, immigration status, geographical status, level of education, religion and means of communication are some aspects considered to ensure that no one is left behind.

IRMMA framework:

The RAISE for Sahel (R4S) Project in Cameroon uses the IRMMA framework (Identify – Reach – Monitor – Measure – Advocate) to develop community-tailored intervention activities to reach every child with a full course of vaccines in Zero dose Immunisation Program (ZIP) Communities.