R4S designed high-quality and tailored delivery strategies for missed communities grounded in robust contextual and integrated immunisation services. Vaccination services commenced in ZIP focus communities and leveraged key stakeholders’ engagement to facilitate access to community mobilisers and vaccination teams. Supply-side and demand-side barriers are also addressed through a gender lens.

To increase community uptake of services, R4S deploys innovative and tailored strategies developed to engage communities. Formative research harnesses behavioural insights to improve the service experience of caregivers to ensure services meet their needs. We pay particular attention to addressing gender-related barriers which hinder access to immunization.

IRMMA framework:

The RAISE for Sahel (R4S) Project in Cameroon uses the IRMMA framework (Identify – Reach – Monitor – Measure – Advocate) to develop community-tailored intervention activities to reach every child with a full course of vaccines in Zero dose Immunisation Program (ZIP) Communities.