R4S completed rapid community vaccination planning assessments and introduced Zero-dose children identification logs and Commcare Vaccine Solution Application in the ZIP communities. This enabled them to understand who, where, and how many zero-dose children and communities exist and why they have been missed. Given the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing socio-political crisis in its implementing regions, the R4S team triangulated subnational data, both within immunisation and preventive health programmes, mapped and analysed the concentration or dispersion of zero-dose children to understand behavioural and social drivers of missed communities.

These baseline surveys enabled the team to understand where the Zero-Dose Communities are, their immunisation behavioural patterns and why government routine strategies inadvertently miss them. These studies helped the team design contextual tailored strategies per different communities to identify and reach the missed communities.

IRMMA framework:

The RAISE for Sahel (R4S) Project in Cameroon uses the IRMMA framework (Identify – Reach – Monitor – Measure – Advocate) to develop community-tailored intervention activities to reach every child with a full course of vaccines in Zero dose Immunisation Program (ZIP) Communities.